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Our Origin Story

We Formulate Skincare Solutions For The Modern Nomad.

"A nomad I will remain for life, in love with distant and uncharted places." - Isabelle Eberehardt

Since the turn of the Millennium, a new type of traveler has emerged.  A traveler who pursues rare, authentic experiences over well-worn itineraries.  A traveller who leaps with both feet into the unknown, while staying digitally tethered to their community. This anti-tourist, who values cultural immersion, education and sustainable travel, is the new Global Nomad.

Global Nomad Skincare is designed to support these travelers on their journey. Simple, environmentally-sound formulations infused with ingredients from around the globe. Modern, unisex packaging containing products with scents designed to remind them of their adventures. 

Just as they seek, so shall we… for new opportunities to give back to and support our communities, for effective ingredients from which to craft worry-free skincare, and for ways to tell and share our collective stories. 


Won't you join us?  Your life is waiting. 

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